Our History

Since 2006, we have decided to show the world how proud we are of the products we produce and the flavors we can create. We have married tradition and pure ingredients, with modern food technology and experienced human resources, and we invite you to try our pure pasta, the way our grandparents made it from the beginning of the 19th century.

Ανδρίτσαινα Χωριό

Who We Are

Originating from the historic Andritsaina and with strong faith in family and tradition, we started our journey with the main desire to convey the quality and rich taste of our pasta, as we knew it growing up.

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What We Do

The years that have passed and the experiences we have gained from the trust you have shown us all these years, have brought us even closer to the table of every consumer, helping our development, and the list of points of sale inside and outside Greece is growing.

We have invested in new modern facilities marrying years of tradition with brand new machinery that allow us to modernize our production process, without making any compromises on quality.

Our efforts were rewarded and the culmination was our award with an ISO 22000 certificate for our facilities, but also for the experienced workforce that forms the basis of our production process.

How We Do It

We very carefully select the producers who supply us with raw materials, and we choose them based on freshness, high quality without added chemicals and preservatives that spoil the products.

Our recipe is a family secret that has been handed down for several years and combined with our fresh ingredients create the taste that more and more people are looking for to add to their table.


Why We Do It

We want you to understand that for the people of Andritsaina you are not just our customers who enjoy our handmade pasta. For us, you are our friends who want to give you a taste of the best that has passed from our table in the last 150 years!!!

As our company grows year by year, it creates a sense of responsibility towards you, our friends, who prefer our products and give us the right to believe that we can become the ambassadors of the Greek diet and our pure products that are rich in nutrients, worldwide.